What exactly is this place?

Here are some frequently asked questions about this blog, Largo Sculpture and the crazy stuff you will find within.

What is this place?

Largo Sculpture is the hot spot for peeping in on my travels.  I am a traveling business consultant who gets the opportunity to see a lot of different places around the US.  I share these experiences and recommendations on this site.

Why am I even here?

Well let me think about that for a second.  I guess my first answer might be Google, probably.  Or maybe it is show everyone how cool I am, by honestly it’s probably because of Google.

At the end of the day I am here to share and remind myself of the cool places I have been.  I experimented with taking photographs as a kid, and now with a new Nikon S4000 and a fully loaded iPhone, I am here to entertain, inspire, and hopefully, help folks who visit my blog to parts of the world they may otherwise not have seen

Who exactly is this Largo Sculpture?

Lame name I know.  I tend to photograph monuments and landmarks on my travels.  My childhood friends called my Largo….it was basically a crude name as I was an over weight kid and my last name is Dargo….Largo sort of stuck, and I am fine with that.  Sculpture is going to be pretty obvious to you as you visit the rest of the site.

What can I expect if I stick around?

Well….stay tuned my friend.  You may end up creating a short list of places to visit, or maybe not to visit.  I may throw in a few lessons about living the good life.   For starters though I will be focusing my blog on really unique travels to Northeast Texas.  I can tell you from experience though, if you are new to business travel, you definitely need to make sure everything at home is accounted for.  I have found it extremely helpful, for example, to work with local people to take care of things around the house while I am gone.  In particular I rely on DJ’s lawn care service to tend to my yard, Jennifer Londowski’s home cleaning service for bi-weekly home cleanings, Oshkosh Carpet Cleaner and Carpet Cleaning Ottawa for steam cleaning my carpets twice a year, Neuman Pools for pool cleaning, Hwy W Doggy care for kenneling up my two dogs (one is an 8 year old cocker spaniel and the other is a six year old pug).  I also have a home security system that I bought at Costco that allows me to use my iPhone and see what is going on at home.  If anything goes go wrong, I do have in my phone contacts list a bunch of local people who can help me in a a pinch.  Everything from neighbors, plumbers, electrician, and snow removal services.

So what now?

Well let’s start off with Paris, TX.  Have you have been to Paris?  I love saying that.  I told my buddy’s last week that I was heading out to Paris for work.  They were like…WTF!  I know right I get to spend a week in Paris…Paris, TX that is.  Oh well so it is not exactly the romantic get away that it appears to be on paper.  And I have to tell you that this last trip was perfect timing as I had my carpet cleaning friends pay me a visit while I was in Paris.  So much easier to have my carpets cleaned while I am not in the house.  Check out my Paris, TX page and accompanying pictures and stories about Paris TX.

In the meantime?

Enjoy this awesome video from Paris Texas